Headline Series

Chinese Passenger Profiles

Oct - 2017

The worlds fastest growing middle class are a consumer powerhouse... and they're soon to be New Zealand's largest source of international passengers.


Did you know?

Over the last 5 years Chinese visitor numbers have more than doubled and yet, just 10% of the Chinese currently hold a passport.

In 2016, Chinese visitors generated $1.7B in total expenditure

98% of all CHINA-NZ flights land at either Auckland or Christchurch International Airport

There’s only one guaranteed media access point to the worlds fastest growing middle class. The Airport.

This edition of The Headline Series shines a light on the worlds fastest growing middle class, understanding whats driving demand and why.

Pulling from a series of peer-reviewed research studies as well as our own proprietary research, we've compiled key finding into this compelling edition of The Headline Series.

In the past 5 years, Chinese passenger numbers have more than doubled. Their tourism expenditure dwarfs other markets and their demand for New Zealand's quality goods and services continue to bolster a plethora of industries including education, retail, pharmaceuticals and real estate, to name a few.

As political relations and the relaxation of visa constraints continue to strengthen the NZ-CH connection, this Headline Series unmasks the core audience groups affecting key categories in New Zealand:

The Vuitton Vacationer
The Pharma-natic
The Daigou
The Bidder
The Scholar

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