Headline Series

Gen Z’s

Jan - 2017

Generation Z are an increasingly critical and fast-emerging group of consumers. The learners of today and the employees of tomorrow, understanding what has shaped them, as well as what motivates them, is critical.


Who are they?

Aged between 7 and 21 years of age

There are currently 573,000 Gen Zs in New Zealand

The youngest of this cohort are about to enter primary school, making up their mind about tertiary education, while the oldest are potentially finishing university

They are the most saturated generation and learned to swipe before they could speak.

Invasive ad formats like pop-ups score very negatively among this audience

Did you know: Outdoor ranks the highest for weekly ad exposure and for Gen Z's



They’re the kids born totally wired, the 1st generation where the planet’s accumulated wisdom is available instantly at the touch of a finger

The Zeds are the ‘up-ageing’ generation because they are growing up faster. They're exposed to more, experience more, and experiment more at a younger age, than previous generations.

Mature beyond their years having been saturated with advertising, brands and products and are discerning when it comes to the media they engage with - 66% of Gen Z's watch only an hour of FTA TV a day. However, they still crave content preferring to adopt media platforms that allow them to consume on their own terms.

Added to the societal influences shaping this, physiological and environmental factors also have a role to play. Today, puberty hits boys and girls one to two years earlier than it did thirty years ago. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that children are beginning puberty three months earlier every decade.

Despite the environmentally conscientious times, the Zeds are the most mar­keted-to children of all time and the biggest consumers of any generation of children.

This is an audience who need to be engaged more on the emotive than the cognitive scale. For Zeds it is a world of experience, they don't just represent the future... they're creating it. 

Gen-Z are:

  •     self-teaching,
  •     self-fundraising,
  •     self-manufacturing,
  •     self-retailing,
  •     networked and;
  •     the first generation that doesn't need the permission of an adult to publish or start a business.

Gen Zs could swipe before they could speak.  

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