Headline Series

JCDecaux Airport Effectiveness

Oct - 2021


There are some misconceptions in our industry about the relevance of airport advertising for mass audiences. As Kiwi’s embrace domestic travel, JCDecaux Airport is an effective channel for reaching and influencing consumers arriving and departing through Airports.

JCDecaux partnered with four brands across different industries to gain insights into how airport campaigns influence consumers. Partners included Spark, ANZ, Jaguar and MAS (Medical Assurance Society).

The Airport Effectiveness Study measured a variety of metrics from respondents (pre and post flight) including brand awareness, brand preference, and campaign recall.

The Airport component ran as part of a wider multi-channel campaign for each brand and presented uplifts on a myriad of metrics to show the effectiveness of Airport advertising.

Audiences and passengers exposed to brand advertising in JCDecaux Airports had higher levels of trust and consideration for those brands. The same brands were also seen to offer something different and innovative to airport audiences and passengers.

Even as part of a multi-media advertising campaign a high proportion of the Airport audience claimed to have only seen the campaigns in JCDecaux Airports.

Challenger brands also performed well in the Airport environment as their impact and recognition is lifted through the advertising of other well-known and trusted brands in the Airport.

Matt Kum – National Sales Manager JCDecaux Airports says “What this study shows is that Airports are an effective channel to target mass audiences. Passengers are household shoppers, users of mobile data and broadband, first home buyers, Kiwisavers, car buyers and a whole lot more than that, who just happen to be travelling with a passenger mindset.”


For more details of the JCDecaux Airport Effectiveness Study contact: matt.kum@jcdecaux.com