Headline Series

Millennial Mums & Dads

Sep - 2017

Born in the 1980s through to the mid 1990s, Millennials and their spending habits have been a major focus for consumer researchers over the past decades.

This group now need to be reassessed as they move into a different phase of their lives. More than half are now parents!

With this change comes change in motivations, priorities, spending habits and of course media consumption.

In New Zealand, there are currently over 600,000 Millennial Mums and Dads.

Millennials are the most powerful consumer cohort in history, due to spending habits & disposable income.

They turn to online / social for information and to share their experiences but they actively avoid ads in their online environments.

Millennials spend more time outside and take cues from their surroundings. Our formats drive them online & influence their purchasing behaviour.

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