Headline Series

NZ Airport Personalities

Sep - 2017

With travel on the rise among New Zealanders, the airport audience is becoming more and more diverse, and we are seeing the emergence of some distinct audience segments that advertisers were unlikely to reach in the airport environment five or ten years ago.

As a result, APN Outdoor developed this Headline Series as both a snapshot and a guide to navigating the Airport Audience in New Zealand.

Pulling from a series of peer-reviewed research studies, Nielsen CMI as well as our own proprietary research, we've developed detailed audience segments to understand New Zealand travellers both domestically and internationally.

Kiwi Travellers: A snapshot
ECO Wanderers
Young n’ Restless
Corporate Cruisers
Domestic Dreamers
Golden Agers

To learn more about the segmentation model and meet New Zealand’s Airport Personalities, contact your Account Manager today.


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