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Meaningful Connections Eye Tracking Study

Mar - 2019

New Eye Tracking research proves that JCDecaux large format billboards deliver greater audience impact

Results from a new eye tracking study overwhelmingly confirms that JCDecaux large format billboards outperform competitor formats and sites on the key engagement metrics of time spent viewing and attention, delivering strong brand recall for advertisers.

Conducted by eye tracking research company AccessHQ, the innovative study was designed to address advertiser concerns regarding the viewability of outdoor formats and their ability to attract audience attention.

Participants were taken on one of two routes around Auckland covering a range of precincts including retail, business, industrial, environment, CBD, motorway and the airport. A selection of outdoor advertising from both JCDecaux and its competitors allowed participants to see a balance of formats and locations to ensure the study was robust and credible.

Results show that JCDecaux sites were more viewable than its competitors across all precincts, delivering greater attention and high recall. The eye tracking study also proved that the overall attention score for JCDecaux large format sites out-performed street furniture for both pedestrian audiences and people travelling in motor vehicles .

Overall, the research results comprehensively demonstrate that JCDecaux’s high-quality large format sites are more memorable, more impactful and inspire audiences to engage with brands.



Key statistics

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Heightened Attention

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Longer Viewing Length

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Unprompted Brand Recall

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Greater Overall Impact than Street Furniture

AccessHQ, Eye Tracking Study, 2018

JCDecaux LARGE FORMAT BILLBOARDS delivering greater audience impact. 

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