A new era in Out-of-Home

Mar - 2021



Unified Out-of-Home measurement has been a bone of contention for many years in NZ. In 2017, JCDecaux NZ set out to build a world-class AMS solution, Calibre, with the vision that this would be available to all our competitors and become the Out-of-Home industry standard.

This vision is coming to fruition. Recently we sold 50% of Calibre to oOh!media NZ which is a huge step in the right direction for unified measurement. In addition, negotiations are well underway to incorporate QMS NZ into Calibre.

Getting to this point has required partnership and compromise by all parties for a common goal. Our collective vision is to make Out-of-Home planning and buying more efficient and effective for media agencies and clients. As we near the end of this unification project, we’ve asked a few industry leaders to comment on the impending new era of Out of Home.



"I have always been a big fan of outdoor advertising and it has helped build a lot of great Kiwi brands. As the wider media environment continues to diversify and atomise many would argue Out-of-Home is the last truly broadcast channel. But it has always struggled to deliver a unified measurement system which in a world getting more focussed on data and measurement can be problematic and has almost certainly resulted in less investment in the channel. Getting the lion’s share of the industry to agree on and get behind a unified measurement methodology will bring Out of Home into the 21st century and being able to link up traffic numbers and customer behaviour at a category level will allow us to use out of home in much more interesting ways and will magnify the opportunities that digital panels can deliver."

Simon Bird, PHD


"The news that the industry is nearing a unified measurement tool is heartening; no single standard has been holding the Out-of-Home industry back in recent years. In the era of accountability, clients are seeking validation of effectiveness, especially in a post-COVID setting where marketing budgets are increasingly under the spotlight. If we can be more confident in how we are planning Out-of-Home media, alongside making the most out of what the channel can offer, it makes our advertising work better which helps achieve better outcomes for our clients."

Chantelle Hurndell, PHD


"A single source of truth for measurement of NZ’s Out of Home industry is long overdue.

It will provide greater accountability, credibility and ultimately trust amongst agencies and clients alike.

It’s time."

Andrew Reinholds, Stanley Street


"Unified measurement, and common currency across media channels, is something that we as media practitioners have to contend with every day. The absence of it can make our life difficult sometimes as it can make it hard to provide a truly objective recommendation. As such steps towards aligning around common measurement and currency are welcome from my perspective. And while this quote is appearing in an Out-of-Home forum, I think it raises a broader issue of measurement across more than just outdoor media, and that we as an industry should all be working together to create solutions that allow us to best advise our clients and partners."

Richard Hale, Dentsu


"With media spend being dissected at the broader business level more than ever before, brands, marketers and planners are rightly wanting more clarity on the performance of their campaigns that deliver real and actionable insights. The ability to provide effective and accountable unified measurement is critical for any media channel that wants to be trusted with large amounts of businesses money for advertising."

Jono Allen, OMD


"Measurement has always been high up the agenda of advertisers, as marketers continue to seek ways to prove the effectiveness of their efforts to drive their brands forward. With everything that has impacted the world over the last year, it has further heightened this need as we grapple with a complex economic recovery. As agencies we are continually looking for ways to improve our responsiveness and speed-to-market, and a common measurement approach to Out-of-Home would be a quantum shift in our capability in this space. This shift will finally put consumers at the heart of the channel, removing bias and subjective opinions from the value equation."

Mike Harrison, OMD