Billboards are blitzing the entertainment world

Sep - 2019


How do you gain attention in a crowded FYC (For Your Consideration) advertising marketplace? That was the question on everyone’s lips in the lead up to this year’s Emmy nominations in Los Angeles. The answer? Out-of-Home. In fact, LA outdoor advertising companies are seeing massive increases in demand for billboards, with business more than doubling in recent years.

Netflix is on board too (if you’ll pardon the pun), with the purchase of 35 billboards on Sunset Strip, promoting their new TV shows.

Out-of-Home is a key part of Netflix’s marketing strategy, showing a strong grasp of how great marketing is executed by walking the fine line between long-term brand building and short-term sales activation.

Building brands is vital to driving sustainable business growth. Netflix is clearly across the power of a great idea, eye-catching images, clever one-liners and a large-format display. Running their messaging on Hollywood’s best-located billboards gets their new content into the world and helps establish and strengthen their brand in a marketplace drowning in advertising.

Billboards are also increasingly being used by tech companies, connecting the digital world with the real world in ways that are changing the advertising landscape and winning the hearts of consumers everywhere.

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