Calibre to introduce urban zones

Oct - 2020



The latest Calibre development, currently in testing, is the ability to calculate net reach at an urban and provincial level appropriate to the campaign.

This means that, if a campaign contains sites within an urban centre, a metropolitan reach percentage will be presented, whereas if a site in a small town is selected a local reach percentage will be displayed. 

To give a visual example, in the below image a single site in Timaru has been selected. The Net Reach figure displayed, 21.05%, is against the local Timaru population. 


The below image shows a single site in Christchurch, Durham St Overbridge. This high-reaching site delivers a Net Reach of 7.5% against the Christchurch metro population.


The third and final image below includes both the Timaru site and the Christchurch metro site. As these two sites are located in different 'areas' (Timaru is in a local zone and Christchurch is in a metro zone), the Net figure displayed will be against the region, in this case Canterbury. The reach of these two sites across the Canterbury region is 9.54%.   


This exciting development increases the relevance and granularity of net reach representation, and will be released to market in mid-November.

The continued enhancement of Calibre is a priority for JCDecaux, and all OOHMAA members, who have collectively collaborated with developers, Reach Media, to produce a comprehensive two-year road map for Calibre’s ongoing development, which includes how Calibre will work with programmatic platforms. This road map will be shared with the market in the coming months.


Source: Calibre