'Cracked' billboards promote free screen replacement

Mar - 2020

Broken screens are a modern day epidemic with thousands of people living with a broken screen rather than paying to get it fixed. To bring the proposition to life O2 simply smashed every media placement they could accross Out-of-Home, Digital and TV.

UK based mobile brand O2 used "cracked" looking billboards to promote the company's free screen replacement when you bought its latest phones.

At first, a teaser campaign used collapsed or cracked billboards with the word "Oops," prompting a lot of talk and debate on social media as to whether this was deliberate or not.

From the success of the first billboard, further "cracked" billboards started popping up across London, while at the city's Waterloo and St Pancras stations, large lenticular screens created the impression the screen was actually cracking as commuters stroll past.

The screen replacement deal was based on the insight that people in the UK have amassed a total repair bill of more than a billion pounds during 2014-2017 from cracking their mobile phone screen. In 2017 O2 was the first telecoms network to offer this service.

Darren Bailes, executive creative director on the project at VCCP, said in a statement: "The broken screen is a modern affliction we have to live with. In the 'Oops' O2 campaign we've taken every conceivable media channel both online and off and basically broken it...smashed it, dropped it, cracked it. All in a good cause obviously."