Create Advertising Magic

Sep - 2019


Creativity works. It grabs attention. It’s memorable. And it sets itself apart from the rest. To be creative, you need to think differently, engage your audience and create an emotional response. Creativity gives your brand fame, not just in the short term but over time. The hallmarks of creativity include:

Great branding
This is more than just a logo. It’s about setting your brand alight in the public domain. Creativity is the key to expressing, in just a few short words and eye-catching imagery, who you are and what you stand for.

Scale & Ubiquity
Big is beautiful! Get your cleverly crafted brand where and how people can see it. Large formats ensure your brand is remembered. Combine scale with ubiquity and your brand gains a dominant presence right across key urban areas. Right where it deserves to be.

Less is more
Out-of-Home advertising is viewed, on average, for two to four seconds. In that time, the brain can take in just five to seven words. For your message to be effective, it must be easy to absorb at a single glance. Each ad should have 3 elements, 7 words or under, and 10% logo. We call this the 3-7-10 approach. Simple

Involve your audience
Do more than just advertise. Create debate and give your audience something to really talk about. Use location-specific messaging to increase relevance, or topical messaging to drive engagement. Aim to create an emotional connection; use intrigue, use humour, be different, be bold.