JCDecaux and Movember partner in unique Out-of-Home activation

Jan - 2020

Hundreds of blokes sporting Movember mos celebrated the end of a long mo-growing month by testing a unique Out-of-Home digital activation by JCDecaux, the “Show Us Your Mo” facial scanner, outside Sydney’s Galeries on George Street last week.

JCDecaux partnered with Movember to launch the moustache facial recognition dispenser panel, which used special facial recognition technology to identify if a person had a moustache and then offered them a facial scan - with a twist.

“Show Us Your Mo” scanned a man’s face, detected a mo and then cleverly analysed the potential for “pash rash”. If the scanner detected a substantial moustache - with a serious “pash rash” factor - the gent was rewarded with a dispensed product from the special “pash rash” cream range called Movember Rain.

Movember Rain is the world’s first-ever dedicated “pash rash” treatment and has been specially designed to soothe the skin of those who have suffered through a month of prickly smooches.

On a more local scale, New Zealand has some of the world’s worst suicide and mental illness statistics amongst men. Creative agency, Dentsu, actively works with Movember to build awareness of the brand and raise money for men’s health research and support programs.

In 2017, Dentsu embarked on a strategic campaign reset in New Zealand, and helped Movember to shift focus from telling men to donate and participate, to using its campaigns to help change their behaviour. This shift resulted in three consecutive years of record-beating donations and participation rates.

Being a charity, all money raised goes back to the cause which means there is no media budget. While media and brand partners give media space to help promote Movember campaigns, it has to earn coverage the old-fashioned way: through disruptive media ideas that generate PR.

To get Movember into the mental health discussion, Dentsu targeted schools, sending 178 personalised letters to principals requesting, for the first time, they suspend their no-shave policies, to allow schoolboys to participate in Movember. The campaign was incredibly effective, giving the organisation its highest level of participation and funding in seven years.

Dentsu then created New Zealand’s first census for men’s feelings, called the ‘Mensus’. This was a fun, but important online survey about mental health. Once the men completed the Mensus, they received a personalised message based on their answers to send to a mate to meet up for a chat.

For suicide prevention month in September, Movember wanted to highlight the national tragedy that is New Zealand’s male suicide statistics and encourage more men to talk about their feelings. Movember partnered with New Zealand Rugby to reframe the common practice of a moment’s silence, to a moment against silence.

Before the All Blacks’ send-off game for the Rugby World Cup against Tonga on September 7, Movember asked people not to stand in silence, but to turn around and talk to their mates.

Next for ‘Happy Hour’, Movember encouraged men in New Zealand to call a mate between the hours of 5-6pm, a time where men are more available for mates than they think.

“We’re extremely fortunate to have media and brand partners that allow Movember to access their media space during campaigns. We’ve won numerous New Zealand and global media, effectiveness, creativity and PR awards through disruptive media tactics that gain disproportionate amounts of earned media. Who would have thought a letter, or a Census – some of the oldest media channels there are – could create so much awareness?” said Ryan Jordan, Strategy Director for Movember at Dentsu Aegis Network, New Zealand.

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