Large format wins the Outdoor Grand Prix at Cannes

Aug - 2019


In our search for the best global out-of-home activation this month, we couldn’t go past Nike’s “Dream Crazy” campaign - the 2019 Outdoor Grand Prix winner at Cannes. Anne-Christine Diaz’s article for Ad Age and George Wyndham’s piece for Contagious expertly summarise why this simple execution is so powerful.

Nike’s ad a “thunderclap”: Though the image resonated on Twitter, outdoor made it ‘real’

The Outdoor Grand Prix winner at the 2019 Cannes Lions awards for Nike proves that static large format advertising is incredibly effective.

Widely considered a front-runner in the lead up to the Cannes Lions, Nike’s “Dream Crazy” campaign featuring American football quarterback and anti-racism activist Colin Kaepernick proved those predictions right.

Nike has always been recognised for supporting and amplifying the voice of athletes worldwide, and this was no exception. John Patroulis, outdoor jury president and chief creative officer of Grey Worldwide, said that Nike’s campaign was “one of the most iconic images in advertising over the past few years”.

While the social media reaction to the campaign went crazy, the jury said the outdoor execution made the idea even stronger. Patroulis acknowledged:When you put it out in the world as a giant, iconic image, it becomes real.”

Jury members referred to the outdoor ad as a “thunderclap” and something they’ll be teaching ten years from now, not just in marketing books, but in history books.”

Nike’s win shows that static large format advertising is incredibly effective, and that a simple, well-executed idea that is relevant and topical can be very powerful.

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