New Zealand's largest spending tourism market by 2024

Aug - 2019


What nationality is on track to become New Zealand’s largest spending tourism market by 2024?

High spending Chinese tourists continue to choose New Zealand as their preferred travel destination, with visitor numbers increasing by 96%, to almost 461,000, in the past 5 years.

The significant increase in visitation is due to relaxed visa constraints, geographic proximity to Australia (dual holiday) and New Zealand’s natural, unspoiled beauty. This trend is forecast to continue, with an expected 800,000 Chinese visitors by 2024. Plus, with only 10% of the Chinese population currently holding a passport, it is anticipated that Chinese visitor numbers will continue to skyrocket well into the future.

Chinese tourists are New Zealand’s second most lucrative international visitor market (behind Australia) spending $1.68bn in 2018, an increase of 14% YoY.

JCDecaux’s airport portfolio is the only media channel guaranteed to reach this valuable audience. In fact, 98% of all Chinese tourists enter New Zealand via one of JCDecaux’s three airports, with Auckland airport the main gateway, capturing 87% of all Chinese visitors.

There are also many Chinese residents living in New Zealand with 171,000 people identifying themselves as Chinese in the 2013 Census. This number is expected to increase when the 2018 Census is released.

While still a small percentage of the total New Zealand population, the Chinese population forms a purchasing powerhouse in key categories such as luxury goods, automotive, travel and property due to higher than average household incomes and a propensity to spend.

JCDecaux’s proprietary audience measurement system Calibre has determined that our top large format 5 sites reach 31% of the total high spending Asian population. 

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