Optimising the targeting and relevance of digital campaigns

Aug - 2019


While Out-of-Home is a mass media by excellence, the increasing popularity of digital out-of-home has added several targeting possibilities through dynamic campaigns.

As quoted by marketing expert Mark Ritson, "OOH can be the best of both worlds": its broad reach can effectively target both current and potential customers, and its dynamic digital capabilities can impact consumer behaviour through targeted advertising that accompanies the journey and mindset of consumers.

Dynamic campaigns deliver digital content that is contextually relevant for the brand, place, time, environment and consumer. Ads are responsive to chosen variables such as weather, pollution levels, time of the day, geographical cues, and real-time flight data.

Evidence suggests that relevance adds impact to the advertising message, driving engagement, action and uplift in brand perception. For instance, optimising campaigns by the time of day brand and category sales are most likely, has been found to enhance sales by nearly 50%.


Uber made the life of air passengers easier in Perth and Sydney through this dynamic campaign shown on the airports’ arrival and departure screens - some of them located in proximity to taxi pick-up points.

The company’s application programme interface (API) was used to obtain the estimated pick-up time for an Uber X in each panel’s location, allowing customers to manage their waiting expectations at a glance.

The creative on each panel was location-specific, displaying a looping video of cars driving around the area, reflective of the mobile content on the popular app.