The future of Out-of-Home advertising is out of this world

Aug - 2021



Over the past decade, Out-of-Home has proven itself to be arguably the most adaptable mass media channel, leveraging new technologies to evolve and increase campaign effectiveness – from data-led planning to more contextually relevant, ‘in the moment’ messaging, to increased transparency and accuracy in reporting on the total reach of a campaign. Below are two examples of jaw-dropping developments from around the globe that are sure to shake up the Out-of-Home industry in the future:

3D Out-of-Home advertising: “Forced perspective” technology has been used in Out-of-Home advertising in Asia over the past few years and has now made its way to the UK with Ocean Outdoor launching an outdoor advertising format that “simplifies the creative process for 3D advertising”. The technology is available on key Digital Large Format locations across the UK, including the iconic Piccadilly Lights screen. Ocean Outdoor joint Managing Director, Phil Hall, has claim that after video, 3D advertising will be the next big thing in Out-of-Home.

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Satellite Advertising: Elon Musk is one of the great entrepreneurs and innovators of our time and now he has turned his attention to advertising. Joining forces with Canada-based startup Geometric Energy Corp (GEC), Musk is aiming to make advertising in space a reality by sending “a satellite into space aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket that will enable advertising content to be beamed from Earth”. While the billboard itself will not be visible from Earth, a ‘selfie stick’ attached to the side of the satellite will record footage of the displayed content and livestream it onto platforms such as YouTube or Twitch.

Viewing Out-of-Home across digital channels is not a new concept. Clever and/or relevant Out-of-Home creative is incredibly effective at driving talkability and shareability via digital platforms. Research by Nielsen has shown that one in four U.S adults have posted a photo on Instagram after seeing an Out-of-Home ad. A great example is the now infamous Oreo Eclipse billboard. The innovative campaign, which ran in the UK, used Oreo biscuits to mimic the 2015 solar eclipse in real-time, allowing Brits to follow the action whatever the weather. “In just two hours, the Digital Out-of-Home campaign generated more than 6,000 tweets from over 40 countries".

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