Think bigger in Wellington

Sep - 2019


We’re excited to announce the launch of our highly impactful new digital Out-of-Home site in Wellington Central. What was already an iconic static site will be the largest digital roadside billboard in all of NZ, right in the middle of Wellington and just next door to NZ parliament, Beehive and Wellington Station.

At 8.6m x 16.3m this high resolution, wall-mounted digital site is highly viewable among professionals in Wellington CBD. With long lead-in viewing and lengthy dwell time at a busy intersection this site is impossible to miss. Whether your audience is driving or walking – Wellington Station gets more than 10,000 pedestrians a day - your ad is destined to be legendary.

Get creative, get topical, and bring your ads to larger-than-life with a monthly net reach of 102.488 and 23.12 monthly frequency.