Using Large Format to appeal to luxury buyers

Jul - 2020


Through their high quality display, impressive size and commanding stature, Large Format is one of the most powerful platforms to build desire and the perception of luxury with audiences. A Clarity Strategic Research study revealed that Out-of-Home is the most effective channel to make brands seem important, luxurious and credible, performing well above TV, Radio and Online.

The importance of prestige and aspiration for luxury brands means a premium advertising environment is key to appeal to consumers. In media this means appearing in the most sought-after locations on the highest quality touchpoints.  

JCDecaux’s market leading portfolio of Large Format billboards and Airport touchpoints is perfectly suited to showcase luxury brands and deliver the ‘wow’ factor needed to generate interest and desire. Our high-quality, digital screen technology allows brands to demonstrate prestige, while superior locations and the panel orientation of our screens delivers more meaningful connections between brands and audiences through higher dwell times and longer lead-in viewing.

With the recent closures of several high-end fashion magazines, Large Format is a powerful platform to influence and inspire current and potential luxury consumers.

42% of heavy magazine readers are heavy consumers of Out-of-Home*

ix108 Heavy magazine readers recall classic Large Format they have seen in the last week*

Beyond magazine readers, Large Format also has the highest opportunity to be seen by affluent New Zealanders.

47% of affluent New Zealanders are heavy consumers of Out-of-Home, higher than internet (46%), TV (18%) and Magazines (32%)*

70% of affluent households see Out-of-Home each week*


For more information on the opportunities to reach affluent, luxury buyers using JCDecaux Large Format and Airport please contact your sales rep.


*Source: Nielsen