What's trending this month: Brand Irreverence

Feb - 2020




New to The Frame in 2020, we are introducing a section called ‘What’s trending this month’. Each month we will highlight a human experience trend identified within the JCDecaux international network that we believe will help shape Out-Of-Home in 2020.

This month, we look into the trend of ‘Playful irreverence’.

Playful irreverence:

Whilst famous brands seek to stand out and be distinctive, there are stylistic trends that emerge as brands respond to pop culture movements or consumer sentiment. Through our network we have noted brands consistently acting more playful or cheeky in outdoor executions. Particularly brands that are more willing to play with branding elements, once a no-go area, we see brands blurring or adapting logos or relying on parts of known brand elements. This appeals to those who want timeless brands to evolve and shows a confidence by advertisers that brands have sufficient fluency to pull this off. We like it.

For any more information on the featured trend, please reach out to Victoria Parsons, our Senior Insights & Strategy Specialist.