WorkinProgress uses large format to bring education to the streets

Mar - 2020


Innovative campaign broadcasts 7-word lessons across large format screens to teach and engage children as they learn from home.  

To help support teachers and parents faced with the challenges of closed classrooms, US advertising agency,WorkinProgress, have collaborated with ODN (Outdoor Nation) to launch an inventive campaign aimed at engaging children through short and compelling educational messages. 

The project, aptly titled “7 Word Lessons”, encourages teachers to submit short seven-word teachings from a range of subjects via social media, with the best lessons beamed across the US each day at 12pm on a selection of cherry-picked billboards with high visibility to houses and apartments.  

Why seven words? According to the project’s website, short-term memory holds, on average, seven items. All lessons were sourced from school teachers, who were also highlighted individually in each lesson post. In addition to having their name broadcast on the large format screens, teachers were given $25 for each lesson published.    

This clever campaign is a great example of how brands can use large format Out-of-Home to amplify a social media campaign. 

Read more about the 7-Word Lessons campaign here