APN Outdoor launches 100m2 LED Backlit Billboard at Auckland Airport

Oct - 2014

AUCKLAND: Leading Outdoor media company, APN Outdoor, today announces that it is set to launch New Zealand’s largest, freestanding LED Backlit Billboard at Auckland Airport. Together with an additional two new roadside Billboards, these new developments form part of APN Outdoor’s massive overhaul to the Outdoor advertising at Auckland Airport.

In the past 12 months Auckland Airport has invested heavily to completely rejuvenate and reshape the surrounding landscape of the airport’s entrance precinct. APN Outdoor’s three new external Billboards are all located within this newly redeveloped gateway area.

The first of the three new Billboards, known as E1, is a Spectacular format measuring 20x5 metres. It is located adjacent to the first roundabout at the airport’s entrance. Providing 100m2   worth of unmatched advertising space, APN Outdoor’s new site will be the largest, freestanding LED backlit Billboard in New Zealand.

APN Outdoor commissioned a bespoke design for the installation system of their new Billboards, whereby the skin will wrap the edges of the Billboard face and be tensioned using an automated and powered thread-tracking mechanism. This will give the advertisement a frameless appearance and a far narrower profile than any large format Billboard currently in New Zealand. The thread-tracking system also enables the skin to have perfect tension, which will ensure a wrinkle-free display. These new features will combine to deliver APN Outdoor advertisers with the most premium display quality of any non-digital sign in the country.

Media commentator Martin Gillman, “I've long considered that airports should be treated as a medium in their own right because of the unique quality of the audience. In Heathrow or Sydney out of home advertising is made famous by the quality of its presentation. APN Outdoor’s new 20m x 5m Backlit Billboard and their landmark Digital Screen will help make Kiwi out of home advertising famous and make a big impression on the 70% of the NZ population who pass through Auckland Airport each year.”

APN Outdoor’s second and third new sites, known as The Twins, will be double-sided Portrait Towers. Measuring 6 x 9 metres, The Twins will utilise the same backlighting and installation systems as E1. The double-sided feature of the Billboards will provide APN Outdoor’s advertisers with the flexibility to choose either one of the four faces or pair up the Billboards by buying one or even both sets of faces to deliver a double-impact branding story. Being located along the airport gateway on George Bolt Drive, The Twins will reach inbound and outbound traffic for maximum campaign exposure.

Phil Clemas, General Manager, APN Outdoor New Zealand commented, “We are really excited to be moving ahead with our redevelopment plans at Auckland Airport and rolling out three new iconic sites for the benefit of our advertisers.”

“The installation system behind E1 and The Twins is really something to behold. Additionally, the use of LED lighting has many advantages including lower power consumption and cooler colour temperature to give a whiter, brighter light with no hot spots or shadow areas. We are proud to be utilising the latest technologies available to provide our advertisers with the highest quality canvas for their campaigns.”

APN Outdoor’s redevelopment of the Outdoor advertising at Auckland Airport is currently under way with a completion date scheduled for February 2015. E1 will be live from November this year, followed by The Twins in December.

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