APN Outdoor Queen St Digital research

Sep - 2013

AUCKLAND: Digital Billboards have four times higher engagement than street furniture within the same path and unprompted ad recall rates are 78%.

Working with Auckland’s only roadside, high-definition, large format Digital Billboard Auckland’s CBD, Access testing used sophisticated eye tracking technology to monitor audience engagement on the Queen St site.

The significantly high, unprompted ad recall rate of 78%, took on even more weight when it was revealed that only 16% (three minutes) of the participants’ journey had a view of the Queen St Digital Billboard. These results prove the attention grabbing ability of Digital Billboards that turn audience heads above the noise of a busy streetscape.

Greg Barnett, Access Testing’s General Manager of Customer Experience, shared his opinion on the findings; “Following the multiple Digital Billboard research studies undertaken around the world, we did have a high expectation of audience attraction. However in all our research projects over the years, the accuracy and number of recalls from this study was unprecedented."

Phil Clemas, APN Outdoor’s General Manager of New Zealand, commented on the results; “We knew the Queen St Digital Billboard was going to yield great results for our advertisers by delivering audiences that engage with their campaigns. We have delighted in presenting these findings to our clients and exceeding their expectations. Over delivering on expectation is yet another way we turn heads in the New Zealand media market.”

The Queen St Digital Billboard has been live in Auckland since July 2013.