JCDecaux New Zealand launches roadside programmatic digital Out-of-Home offering

Feb - 2022



Leading Out-of-Home media company JCDecaux New Zealand today announced the launch of programmatic trading across its roadside Digital Large Format network, nationally across New Zealand. The new offering is in partnership with VIOOH, the premium global digital Out-of-Home marketplace.

Kurt Malcolm, Trading and Innovations Director at JCDecaux, said: “Our programmatic offering will deliver increased campaign flexibility and measurability, and make JCDecaux’s Digital Large Format network accessible to more advertisers than ever before.”  

The entire suite of JCDecaux’s high-quality Digital Large Format portfolio – over 40 sites nationally – will be available to trade programmatically. To ensure that every potential advertiser can access JCDecaux’s full suite of inventory, JCDecaux is guaranteeing supply for programmatic advertisers by setting aside five per cent of the share of time on every digital screen to programmatic campaigns published via the VIOOH platform. This allocated share of time is expected to increase as demand for the offering grows.

JCDecaux PROGRAMMATIC is DSP agnostic and, through VIOOH, is currently integrated with Vistar, Yahoo and Hivestack. More integrations are planned for the coming months, including with The Trade Desk. 

Malcolm continued: “This is a very exciting progression in our programmatic Digital Out-of-Home journey. We’ve had considerable interest in our roadside portfolio being made available to trade programmatically and see huge potential in this product. We are really looking forward to working with our agency partners to develop effective programmatic Digital Out-of-Home campaigns.”

Matt Weavers, CMO of Trade Tested, said: “At Trade Tested we’re always chasing what’s new, so we were stoked to be involved with JCDecaux’s initial airport programmatic Digital Out-of-Home campaign across New Zealand – it performed perfectly. Being able to buy on a CPM across the network really helps justify our Out-of-Home spend compared to our regular digital channels.”

JCDecaux’s roadside programmatic offering follows the successful launch of JCDecaux PROGRAMMATIC in Airports in November 2021, meaning JCDecaux New Zealand can now trade 100 per cent of its digital inventory programmatically.

Demand for programmatic Digital Out-of-Home is growing exponentially. Last year in Australia programmatic trading delivered revenue 40 per cent higher than originally forecast, with 95 advertisers running campaigns, and five to ten per cent of revenue coming from clients new to JCDecaux.